How did it happen?

It was a personal dilemma that any cake decorator would totally understand. 4 Books have been written and you can only imagine how many cake stands we (need to) have to prettify each cake in every pages. We had 5…then 10… then 20 and now half of our shed is just full of cake stands. How else would you keep them but to pile them up together and in by doing so, it’s either you get small chips here and there, or pedestals come off the plates (attempt to glue them back results to a wonky cake stand), or worse, there’s your money thrown into the bin. Also, where are all the square cake stands gone???

And so at one point, we had wished that the cake stands would be detachable so they are more convenient to keep. We hoped that there would be something inter-changeable to round or square as well…and we have imagined that they will be made of a tough material so they don’t easily break like glass.


Now, we have the standard round and square plates. Soon we will have oval, octagon, flower shaped plates..or any other shap you can think of.
Besides our 12in and 15in plates, we will have wide range of other sizes as well. We will be able to to cater all your cake-y needs.
If there are any other colours or texture styles that we do not currently offer, message us! Who knows, we might be able to make it for you.
Do you think we will just keep the cake stands without the bling??? Of course not! Keep your eyes peeled as we will soon launch our cake stand accessories.

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