Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

Are the Cake Stands dishwasher safe?

We highly suggest to clean them with just a soft damp cloth rather than washing or putting in a dishwasher as not all the parts of the cake stands are coated/painted and this might cause rusting. Please make sure to specially avoid getting the threads wet.

How are the Cake Stands painted?

The beautiful colours are done by powder coating technique then cured at around 200 °C to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

Are they scratch-proof?

Just like any metal, even though they are very durable type of material, they can still be scratched. That being said, please avoid any sharp objects or sticking tapes on them as the paint might come off.

Can I grease the threads before use?

Yes you can. You can use oil/grease lubricants like WD-40, oil, vegetable fat (Trex) to make sure they thread smoothly and to avoid the screws to lock. Please do not over-thread too tightly as they will be hard to unlock.

They threaded parts are so tight, what should I do?

If by any chance you have over-threaded the parts and they gone so tight and seems locked together, immerse the locked part in a very hot water and let it sit for about 5mins of so. Then wrap the parts in a towel then tap then on a hard surface or use a hammer to loosen the parts. Use a pair of rubber gloves to unlock. Repeat process if you didn’t get it on the first go. You can also spray lubricants in between the threads to help release them.

How much load can it take?

We have tested putting piles of heavy load up to 50kgs on it for 5 days and it stood proud. A typical 4 tier wedding cak (14in, 12in, 10in, 8in) weighs about 20kgs-25kgs, so unless you are creating a 10-feet tall cake, you should be good.

Are they rust proof?

We can guarantee that the painted parts are rust-proof. However, we cannot have the threaded parts painted/coated because the tiny paint particles get between the grooves and this causes the threads to lock. Therefore we highly suggest to just wipe the parts with damp cloth if they need cleaning.

Do they break?

They are made of good quality thick aluminum steel so nope, they won’t break but it does not mean they cannot get deformed. But just in case, for some weird phenomenon, the cake stands have been broken (not deformed), we are happy to replace any part for you.

Are they stain-proof?

As long as the “stain” is not something permanent like ink, paint, spray paint, you should be able to easily wipe it off with a damp cloth. If you happen to scratch the surface or it got chipped, a temporary cover up would be a very very thin coat of nail polish. We suggest just a clear one. This will be slightly elevated than the original paint so there is still a chance that it gets chipped. Justgive it an extra care.

Order Questions

I just paid for my order. When can I expect the delivery?

Upon completion of order, we usally dispatch the following day. For UK, we usually use Royal Mail First Class or MyHermes and delivery usually takes about 2-4 working days. Please take note that it takes slightly longer for holiday season.

It has been 5 days now, no cake stands yet.

We always use a tracked service to send your cake stand orders. If you have not received anything in the post after 5-7days, please get in touch with us and we will make sure to sort this out for you. You can expect that we will send you a new set the soonest we can.

I want to buy 5 or more sets, do i get a discount?

Welcome to the Cake Stands Horders Club! Want to buy 5 or more sets? You are indeed entitled for a discount. Get in touch with us before you make any purchase so we can give you your special discount code.

How are the cake stands packaged?

Each part of the cake stands has it’s own box so if you have purchased a complete set, this means you will receive a box of plate, a box of extender and a box for pedestal. We use a strong mailing bag for small orders and a box for orders more than 2 sets.

I would like to send the cake stands as a gift. Can you help me?

Oh so sweet! Yes we can certainly help you with this. We use brown Kraft paper and we tie a black Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes logo ribbon on it to make it more dramatic. We will charge a little extra fee of £5 as we will have to put these in a bigger box so wrapping would not be spoiled. Make sure to coordinate with us before making any purchase and for your other  special instructions.

There are some teeny tiny dots on the surface, is that normal?

Those teeny tiny dots are just tiny bubbles during powder coating. They are just cosmetic marks that would not affect the use of the cake stands as a whole. Unless there are big holes in them, please let us know about this and send us photos so we can sort it out for you.

Can I return/exchange the cake stands if I change my mind?

Yes you absolutely can! No fuss, no drama! Before you send them back to us, we just need to see pictures that they are in the same condition as how we sent them. This is also sort of your insurance for any damage that may occur in transit. You will however need to pay for the shipping back to us and we can only refund you the full amount of the products (shipping not included) as soon as they are returned to us. It is best to send them back to us by tracked parcel. If it is an exchange, you will have to pay for the shipping again. If it was any damaged item, we will cover all shipping costs.

Wholesale Questions

What is the least quantity order for wholesale?

Wholesale quantity is 100 total pieces combined. This means, if you order 25 each of round and square plates, both designs of pedestals and extenders, any combination you want, this qualifies you to get wholesale discount.

What discount do I get for wholesale order?

Wholesale quantity will get 30% discount. All shipping and country taxes and other charges is your responsibility. Please get in touch with us so we can talk more about it.

What is the difference between Distributor and Wholesaler?

Distributors are usually our direct point of contact in a particular country. They would be able to acquire a very large amount of order for us to be able to grant the sole Distributorship in a particular country. For example, Evil Cake Genius is our Sole Distributor in the whole of USA. Any orders, wholesales, etc., will have to go through them.

Wholesalers on the other hand buy a smaller quantity than Distributors..and if there is a nominated Distributor in your country, you should contact them directly. If you are not sure about it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What discount would a Distributor get?

It is best to get in touch with us so we can give you a full Product Catalog. Please use the Contact For or click the link at the bottom part of the page.

I am interested to be a retailer/wholesaler/stockist. What's next?

This is great! We would absolutely love to have a little chat with you on how we could bring the cake stands to your country. There are bits and bobs to discuss so please drop us a message or you can call us directly. Our contact details are written below the page.

Is it free shipping for wholesale orders?

We wish we can give this free. Unfortunately, we also pay so much for shipping cost plus the other charges so we hope you understand. The cost of goods will have no VAT but you will pay for all the other costs and charges.

Can I still order from you directly even there's a Distributor in my country?

When a Distributor has been nominated, we highly respect that agreement. So unfortunately, we will still pass your enquiry to the respected Distributor in your country if there is any.

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