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Valeri Valeriano and Christina Ong, Founders of Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes are the faces and the brains behind this BRILLIANT innovation.

They have written 4 bestselling books to date and this is the main reason this innovation came about. Besides a self confessed cake stands hoarders, they needed lots of beautiful cake stands to showcase their cakes for the book. So over time, they now have a huge collection, in fact, a shed half-full of cake stands. There is no other way of keeping them but to stack them on top of each other and this usually causes for the cake stands to break or get chipped.

At one point, they joked about why can’t the cake stands just be detachable as the pedestals can be quite annoying. And then of course, there’s the EUREKA moment! The idea sat in their heads for a long time but late 2017, thought about it again and they just jumped into it.

They had samples done in time for the Cake International Show Birmingham 2017 and with eyes closed, they launched it and hoped that people would pre-order. The next thing they knew, they had a long list and so they were able to raise the money to go ahead with the manufacturing.

They have a huge plan ahead for Switch and Swap Cake Stands. More designs, colours, shapes and accessories are coming soon!